About Lang Exterior

Our goal at Lang Exterior is to make windows and patio doors to the highest standard in the industry and to offer them in a more compelling way than any of our competitors.

We achieve this first by manufacturing what we sell. We are not just a distributor like many others in this industry. From our Chicago, Illinois location, we custom make every window with the latest in vinyl methods, and we custom extrude our own specially formulated vinyl. We even build our own insulated glass units, with "Warm Edge" technology, and have our own patented, super-strong and unique woodgrain finish. All of this gives us complete control over processes and tolerances and allows you to get a perfect window direct from the maker, from the factory floor right to your hands.

Second, we believe in fast, professional, and reliable service and strive to achieve customer responsiveness that is just as innovative as our windows.

With 71 years of experience, we have the ability to give you exactly what you need.

Seventy-One Years of Manufacturing and Innovation

Eugene Lang

Eugene Lang in 1953

What do Thomas Edison, Buddy Holly, and Eugene Lang have in common? Each of them propelled a home business into a hugely successful venture.

Lang Exterior opened for business in 1953 in a garage on Chicago's southwest side with a single product: aluminum storm windows. Eugene Lang was the founder, the manufacturer, the salesman, and the installer.

Lang built up the company and in 1968 acquired three 10-ton presses, two 5-ton presses, and all the dies necessary to expand into the prime replacement window market. Lang later developed a process to manufacture a woodgrain version of the solid white window -- an idea he got from woodgrain shelf paper. He purchased a wrapping machine to affix the new finish to the vinyl profiles. But after nine months of working until midnight six days a week, he told his son Darb, "It can't be done." The solution came to him the very next morning. That idea was the start of the Lang Exterior Top Coat® line of woodgrain finishes.

Lang Exterior Today

Lang Exterior remains a family-owned and operated business but now is one of the major replacement window suppliers in the Midwest. Continuing a proud tradition that goes back 71 years, the company continues to grow and innovate. Today's line of Lang Exterior windows offers not only color and woodgrain selections unmatched in the vinyl industry, but also the latest vinyl construction techniques and the latest thermal efficiency technologies for windows and patio doors. Over 71 years of business, Lang has become recognized by the following...